Wordpress Custom Theme

We wanted to create an overall look for the brand for their corporate website, and use the theme as a master theme so when we developed the product sites all we had to do was create a child theme and do some basic skinning.

The biggest challenge was that Xatmep was used to treat both Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Polyarticular Juvenile Arthritis and the site needed four separate section. The solution was to create a landing page to funnel the appropriate user traffic.


This was my second project that I worked on for MillerVolpe. For this project, our design director and I collaborated on the look and feel of the site. I then took the visuals developed and worked on the responsive layouts.

After approval I developed the custom theme using WordPress.


Front End Developer / UX Designer


November 2015 to January 2016

Product page for corporate site

Silvergate sub-page

Product page for Quebrelis for Health Care Pofessionals

Product page for Epaned for Health Care Pofessionals

Landing page for Xatmep for Health Care Pofessionals

Modal pop-up to funnel user traffic

Xatmep ALL Patient Product page

Xatmep PJIA Health Care Pofessional Product page